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Glisel | Tuesday, January 21, 2020

2020 is the Year of the Rat

Happy Lunar New Year from your favorite Anime-style MMORPG made in... Florida, USA! XD

The official Lunar New Year is begins this Saturday, but why wait to get festive? Head to town and get items from Saber's Lunar New Year shop. There are items for gold, for Guardians, and an adorable pet mouse companion.

Lunar New Year Sets

Lunar New Year Sets

Props to AdventureQuest 3D's newest modeler/artist Winnie for these Lunar New Year sets! Let her know in the comments section if you love them. They are available for about 8,888 gold in town now. You will notice all of the prices contain 8's. Because 8 is a SUPER LUCKY number in Chinese. Mostly because it sounds like 發 (fa) which means wealth, prospering, and fortune. For the record, I am 100% down for any and all cultural-wide puns.

Cheongsam (For Girls)

Beautiful! A cheongsam is a sleek, close-fitting Chinese dress. This dress was probably not intended to be worn in combat against dragons and monsters...

Changshan (For Boys)

A changshan is a traditional Chinese long tunic worn by men. But if you buy the wrong one and wear it, no one will care. We're all open minded friends in this game community.

Lunar New Year Capes

Lunar New Year Capes

There are two versions!  A Lucky Red Dragon Cloak for 8,888 gold. There is also a Lucky Guardian cape for 1,000 gold.

2020 Rat of the Year!

Rat of the Year Pet!

In Chinese astrology, each year is represented by an animal. The Rat is the very first one on the Zodiac. It represents being kind, generous, and super diligent.

"But... it's the year of the Rat. Why is the pet a MOUSE!?"

Hah. The Chinese the word 老鼠 (Rat) can mean either Rat or Mouse. So we went with the mouse for maximum adorableness. We also made Dage the Evil make it. Because someone as dark and evil as him making something this cute is maximum comedy!

Saber the Special Goods Merchant

Happy Lunar New Year and...

Do you know what animal you were born under on the Chinese Zodiac? Check out my previous post to find out.

Battle on!
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