Celebrate the Lunar New Year!

Glisel | Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Happy Lunar New Year!

The Lunar New Year is a time where citizens all around Lore celebrate their good fortune and prosperity! Meet Saber in the Social District to get started on your Lunar New Year festivities! She has exciting quests and shops with delightful rewards based on the year’s (and past) animal representative, and 2024 is the year of the dragon!

Note: The Lunar New Year shops and quests are seasonal (temporary) but come back every year.

It’s the Year of the Dragon!

Check out the new Dragon Scaled Guardian shop where a brilliant new golden dragon armor is exclusive to Dragon Guardians only! If you purchased the Dragon Guardian upgrade from Upgrade Shop, you can get the whole set from this shop for FREE! Just talk to Guardian Tormir in Battleon or Saber in the Social District.

Moonlight Shop

Saber will trade you special items for delicious Moonlight Biscuits from Darkovia. Moonlight Biscuits drop from monsters all around Darkovia this February, including the dungeons.

Lucky Envelope Daily

Turn in 5 Moonlight Biscuits for a Lucky Envelope and some Firecrackers! This is based on the real life tradition of giving red envelopes during the Lunar New Year celebrations which symbolize good wishes and luck for the future. Red envelopes usually contain money, so these Lucky Envelopes can be sold for 5000 gold.


Carnaval starts in Rio on February 9th, so we’re taking the party to the Social District with the Carnaval Sneevils! These guys are barrels of fun and drop Carnaval Feathers to trade with the Adventuretainer for colorful gear! The party lasts for two weeks, so grab your friends and get ready to get down with the Adventuretainer.

New Intro is Live for All!

Thank you so much for joining our live playtest of the new intro zone, Battleon Foothills. We have used your wonderful feedback to polish and smooth out the rough edges.

New players will enter the Foothills after leaving Death’s Lair. That’s right. Vane no longer tosses you across the lands of Lore. Instead, they will encounter the various NPCs who can continue to teach them the gameplay basics of AdventureQuest 3D before moving on to the city of Battleon. Hopefully this will result in less confused players once they begin the core story and begin to explore the game on their own.

You can still return to the Battleon Foothills through Heroes Bend (to the right of the Crossroads) after passing the Blue Flying Eyes, but just know that everyone’s quest progress for this area has been reset. Also, by popular demand, Dragonwatch Keep will remain accessible, just detached from the tutorial and main storyline. You can find it easily in the Adventure Menu under Side Stories.

Last Chance!

  • Lunar New Year event ends near the end of February.
  • Carnaval event leaves the Social District around February 21st.

Thank you and… Next!

Next week Heroes Heart Day celebrations begin! Maurice will return to Battleon to show you his love and appreciation with a new Heroes Heart Day Collection.

See you in game and…
Battle On!

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