Mad Science Lab!

Glisel | Tuesday, October 15, 2019

"Dr. Trollenstein's Experient is LIVE! It's ALIVE!"

Dear Test Subject #42,

Dr. Trollenstein's Mad Science Lab is now open!

Lucky you. You're are officially invited to be a test subject in his very 1st experiment.

We don't count the others because the Death ray didn't leave any evidence. Also, makes you feel 23.5% more special.

Bring more expendable test subjects. Wait, what do you guys call them again? Oh, yeah. Friends! Bring more friends!

It's OK, it's for SCIENCE!

Drop on by!

Create your own mad scientist lab coat, goggles... and back claw-arm-grabby-thingy!

You'll need to take a short physical. Need to make sure you're in tip top shape before we death ray, buzz saw, and etc, etc, you in the experiment.

The Doc's assistant, Mort, will be there too...

Mort the shadow Moglin

Our mad science lab is conveniently located the spooky town of Mystcroft...

While in town, craft new Mogloween Royalty gear from the Haunted Mansion and ghost filled streets.

Everyone's losing their heads over the...
New 2019 Mogloween Collection!

Replace your head with a flaming pumpkin or a flaming... flame?

The axe, flame sword, and Headless Horseman armor is wicked.

Ride through the streets on your horse as a cursed Headless Horseman using the new travel form...

You can get these items in game individually...

Or get the entire 2019 Moglin Collection which includes...

All the items
Huge discount
Rare badge & title
Permanent access to ALL of these items without eating up any bag space.

Check out the new Emotes! They're already on your character. We injected them in you while you were sleeping.

Oh, and that UwU Pumpkin head is there (somewhere) for you to find too.

We also snuck in a rotting version of the pumpkin head and a spooky Vampragron travel form for Guardians.

See you in the experiment!

It's easy to get there. Go to the home town of Battleon and talk to the spooky Mogloween representative near the Portal. They'll send you right here.

Log into AdventureQuest 3D and come on down to Dr. Trollenstein's place. We're gonna throw some science at the wall and see... what's still breathing.


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