Mage Lord

Artix Krieger | Thursday, September 26, 2019

Mage Lord (or Lady) armor quests available at Warlic's Magic Shop

Darkon re-imagined the AdventureQuest World's Mage Lord armor into 3D! Head to Warlic's magic shop in town to quest for all the pieces to make the set. 

Mage Lord Original 2D vs New 3D

Mage Lord from 2D to 3D!

I think Darkon knocked this one outta the ball park-- agree? He has been recreating quite a few AQWorlds items into 3D.

Quests for Mage Lord Armor available at Warlic's Magic Shop

Quests available now at Warlic's Magic Shop!

You can get this armor from the quests at... hey, what the heck is going on with Jimmy the Eye in this screenshot? No, seriously. That was not intentional. The pixel shader on my new screenshot function must have broke. I mean, have heard of "don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes" but this is taking it to an entirely new level. Maybe we should take Jimmy the Eye to an optometrist? Don't worry. No one reads these except for you and 'eye'. This is our secret private hang out where we can talk about things. Just the two of us. Like that KFC dating sim. I still can't believe they did that. Made a parody of it in the previous design notes promo art. Only one player seemed to notice. We live in such weird and funny times. Glad we are here together. Hang on, let's finish with some official sounding game thing so that people who just skim will read it and think nothing happened here. So get your quests at Warlic's Magic shop now!

Lolosia II: Journey to Yokai Isle is coming next

Ninjas, Tengu, Kappa, and a new island to explore. Our official release days are each Tuesday. At least, they are supposed to be. We had a few high priority schedule bumps-- so cross your fingers that we will be ready to set sail next Tuesday. Also, check the website every day this week for the latest news.

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