Warlic’s Magic Potions and Wisps!

Rellik | Thursday, February 10, 2022

Greetings! Warlic has been hard at work researching and uncovering new recipes for auras, and has also discovered a way to turn you into a wisp. Craft new potions which give you a magical aura, by logging in to collect materials from all around Lore! Read on to find out more…

New Auras at Warlic’s Shop

Warlic has sourced brand new recipes for amazing Auras. Be prepared to venture far and wide to hunt the ingredients, it’ll be worth it!

  • Death’s Shadow Aura
  • Firefly Aura
  • Embers Aura
  • Stone Aura
  • GUARDIAN ONLY: Nature’s Aura
  • Heartwood’s Aura
  • Decaying Aura
  • Arcane Aura
  • Vampiric Aura

Wisps-A-Plenty at Warlic’s Shop

Don’t ask how, but Warlic has figured out how to make a Wisp Travel Form. There are new temporary and permanent Travel Forms for sale now!

Temporary Travel forms:

  • Teal Wisp Spirit
  • Red Wisp Spirit
  • Purple Wisp Spirit
  • Pink Wisp Spirit
  • Orange Wisp Spirit
  • Green Wisp Spirit
  • Doom Wisp Spirit

Permanent Travel forms:

  • Teal Wisp Form
  • Red Wisp Form
  • Purple Wisp Form
  • Pink Wisp Form
  • Orange Wisp Form
  • Green Wisp Form
  • Doom Wisp Form

A New Aura for Guardians

Guardian’s rejoice! For the loyal, brave, and few sworn defenders of Lore, there is now a Golden Guardian Aura for you in the Guardian Tower.

Frostval Seasonal Content is now gone!

You may have noticed that Lore remained rather chilly for a little longer than normal, that’s because we left the temperature a little low so our friends around the world who have been affected by multiple natural disasters could have a chance to take part in the festivities. We sincerely hope that things are getting better for all of our friends affected by these terrible times, and know that there is always a place for you in our hearts, our minds, and our games!

It’s time to let the sun shine through once again in Battleon!

The Moistverse leaving soon

Have you been solving the Moistverse crisis? You should be, there are 2 weeks left to collect everything, get the best score you can on the parkour leaderboard, and remove all the Charlie variants you can! Don’t forget, there is a trove so you can keep your souvenirs and commemorate your victory over the Moist Epidemic.

Coming Soon to AQ3D

Next week on AdventureQuest3D, Heroes Heart Day will be celebrated! Bring all the romance and warm fuzzy feelings you have to Battleon and take part in special events with the dev team. Make sure you follow @AeRellik on Twitter to find out when the special events begin!

Thyton and the team are still hard at work on new content for Westmere, which will be coming soon!

See you in-game.

Battle on!
Artix, Glisel, Rellik, and the AQ3D Team

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