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Artix Krieger | Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Master Vault

One word.... "Keysword!"

If you also want a second word, "Keystaff!" -- The Bank is almost ready, and with it will be the Master Vault. This area was not in the original design of the bank, but after listening to early feedback we created it to give the Bank its own questing area. Dage created a few new reward items that you can earn by completing the Master Vault's storyline.

Bank Development Progress

We have been in heavy crunch time on this new area. We were supposed to go live yesterday. *looks at watch* And then today. *looks at watch* But since we are still fixing and adding things to make it better and more fun... so tomorrow MONDAY (after proper testing) sounds good to me! Keep an eye on my @ArtixKrieger twitter-- I will post mini updates of our progress. Wish us luck. You know, I do not actually wear a watch. Does anyone wear watches any more? I just look at my phone. How about you?

A few other things!

  • Rabblefroth is doing a 3rd pass on the new AQ3D Class mechanics-- they are getting REALLY FUN!
  • I owe you a post just on the upcoming new class skills and new classes.
  • While you wait, over at AdventureQuest Worlds they have an awesome new saga "The Seven Deadly Dragons" happening. And each day you login, you have a shot at winning 1,000 AdventureCoins just for logging in each day (A LOT Better odds than the lotto... worth popping in each day)




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