May the Fourth Be with You

Glisel | Wednesday, May 4, 2022

The Dark Lord’s Shops

The Dark Lord has added new items to his May the Fourth and Revenge of the Fifth shops. Find him on Battleon bridge.

Here’s what’s new:

-- May the 4th--

  • Star Slayer Armor (Gold)
  • Star Slayer Mask (Gold)
  • Star Slayer Pauldrons (Gold)
  • Star Slayer Cloak (Gold)
  • Star Slayer Gauntlets (Gold)
  • Star Slayer Sash (Gold)
  • Star Slayer Boots (Gold)
  • Star Slayer Blade (DCs)
  • Venomous Star Sword (DCs)

-- Revenge of the 5th--

  • Nulgath Star Sword (DCs)

Commander Mogrevious Stalks LORE Once Again

The Commander Mogrevious has once again deserted the Dark Lord. However, he has been spotted all over LORE by our citizens. Find him and bring Mogrevious' Diary pages to the Dark Lord in Battleon to earn pieces of the Black Helm armor set.

May Promo Pet: Makai

What's small in size but big on evil? May I present you the Makai. This mini monster loves chin tickles and biting the fingers that tickle its chin.

This Makai pet is included with all packages from the Upgrade Shop, including Guardian and Lore Strider. Guardian packages also give the travel form version. Check your Pet and Travel Form inventories on your next login after purchase.

New UI: Shop and Adventure Menu buttons

You can now access the main story on the game’s interface with the Adventure Menu button. You can click on it at any time to access the latest release no matter where you are. Also, we added a convenient Shops button. This will give you access to your daily treasure chests and allow you to sell without having to go back to an NPC.

Seasons Cleaning

Special: Aria's "Researching the Anomaly" quest from the April Fool's Invasion
to get the Chickencow and Chickenbull pets is now available in Aria's Pet Shop.

What Left in this Release?
*Legendary Ren Yin Shop and Porcelain Tiger quest

What's Leaving Next?
*Grenwog seasonal content - leaves May 11th
*Carnaval seasonal content - leaves May 25th
*May the 4th seasonal content - leaves June 1st

Coming Soon

This Friday the 13th you return to the Oddities Shop to discover what new trinket Mysterious Johnson has gotten hold of, and what adventure it will take you on.


Battle on!


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