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Artix Krieger | Monday, May 4, 2020

Sci-fi/fantasy fans rejoice!

It is the 4th, and as per tradition we are celebrating with a brand new collection of parody items. Each piece is uniquely ours, but inspired enough to make our lawyer's cheeks clench a little. Hop in game, check it out, and get in the spirit. "Make it so... number one."

INSIDE JOKE: Several members of our team have been responding to every May the 4th comment with a random Star Trek line. We do not judge. We are enthusiastic fans of all of the above.

Craft the BLACK HELM set!

There is a game wide monster hunt that will allow you to earn the hilarious oversized Black Helm Set. Yes... >_> a parody of a parody. Equip it and use the Mage to cast fireballs like a Flame Thrower. "The kid's will love it!"

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