Of Mice and Moglins

Artix Krieger | Thursday, January 18, 2018

"I think I will name him George..."

What do Mice, Rats, and Shrink potions have in common? If your answer was "PARKOUR" then winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Mouse vs Moglin

But first... Moglins, Mice, Rats, and Krabbits 101.

At a whistful glance, the unkeen eye might mistake a Moglin for some sort of mouse, rat, or krabbit. Whilst the origin of the Moglin is still widely unknown, Loremasters are quick to point out that they are a very different species. Moglins are about knee high, with floppy ears, and are well versed in nature and healing magic. Mice on the other hand... like cheese. Now, I am certainly not saying that the average Moglin does not enjoy a cheese.... or ice cream, moglinberry candies, or basically any convientnly placed food which has not been licked. Everyone knows you need to lick your food if you do not want a moglin to nibble at it. Just like the lunch table I sat at in middle school >_>. Which brings me to another major difference between Mice and Moglins. Because Mice will 100% eat the aforementioned licked food. They will steal it and run back to the safety of a hole in the wall. And if you ever want to see that food again, then you had better found yourself a shrink potion of some sort.

What to expect in a Mouse Hole

While most adventures gloat of their adventures through the doom filled dungeons... very few of these so called heroes have what it takes to venture into what is certainly the tiniest of adventures! It is a world quite unlike our own. Frought with peril... and PARKOUR.

Mouse Parkour

Turns out all those missing items from around the Inn have been put to use creating the worlds smallest ninja mouse warrior course. You might have to do a little searching just to find the Parkour challenge though...

Coming Tomorrow (We think)

The team has a special mini-release for you while the final Ashfall Cutscenes are being beautifully and masterfully completed. Cross your fingers for them... as usual, Yergen went above and beyond to make this fun for you. They are working like mad to get it ready for you before the weekend.

P.S. The lack of mention of any additional reference to Krabbits was purely intenti8onal. We do not talk about the Krabbits after what happened.
P.S.S. There will be no Moglins in this release-- but there will be SOMETHING ELSE you may recognize from DragonFable.


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