27,000 Moglins Arrive at the Port of Tampa

Artix Krieger | Monday, June 17, 2019

Moglins, Gold Carts, and Moglomancy oh my!

What an amazing way to start off Monday. First, we got word that the ship which had been sailing our/your 27,000 Moglins (from the Moglins Kickstarter) has just docked in the Port of Tampa. They are going through customs now. It could be one day... or a few. Either way, next the entire shipping container will be put on the back of a big rig truck which will drive about an hour North to our "secret underground lab". REALLY looking forward to posting you photos when that happens... until then, here is a pic from a previous post.

They must have found gold at sea when the pirate Moglin, Scurvy, mutanied the ship... because we just received 3 boxes FILLED with Gold NES Cartridges.

Gold carts for dungeons and doomknights arrived

700 Golden NES carts just arrived! These are for our 8-bit NES project, Dungeons & DoomKnights. Of course... these are empty on the inside. The circuit boards, gray carts, labels and rest of the physical materials (boxes, instruction manual, etc) will be coming much later for us to assemble here. Considering how hard these were to get produced, I cannot believe how quickly they got here!

Oh... then Johngaar stopped by to talk about the Moglomancer class!

The Moglomancer skills and animations are done. Whew! Jongaar (who does all of AQ3D's music now) has been creating the sound FX. On Wednesday, there is going to be some "voice acting." I am not exactly sure where this is going... but Jongaar is trying to talk Requin from player support into doing Moglin voices. Of course, she is going to have to get back from Jury Duty first. We NEEEEED to get Moglomancer out to the backers so they can begin Early Access ASAP. If you backed the Moglins Kickstarter, you will get in on the early access period. Eventually, all players will be able to earn Moglomancer, just like how we released Paladin/DragonSlayer/Ninja/Etc.

Cross your fingers for us.... at long last, our lab is about to be a sea of Moglins. *sends memo out for everyone to bring snorkels tomorrow*

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