Moglomancer Concept Art

Artix Krieger | Sunday, January 20, 2019

Masters of Moglinmancy?

Thanks to Moglin Kickstarter backers who officially unlocked EVERY STRETCH GOAL (Way to go guys!) everyone in AdventureQuest 3D will have the opportunity to get a new class-- Moglinmancer.  Here is the concept art for Moglomancer by Dage.

Moglinmancer concept art by Dage

Of course, if you backed the Moglin Kickstarter (which you can technically still back now on BackerKit) you will also get a rare variant of the armor and the exclusive Kickstarter Mogln pet... the little fella is green, and we named him Back-Kick.

Moglin Kickstarter Stretchgoals at 100%

Moglomancer Time-Line

All of the other Moglin Kickstarter items have already been released across our games (with one exception... we did not promise the kickstarter exclusive Moglin would be in DragonFable and the original AdventureQuest, but we created it and are adding him to those games also which should be live this week.)

  1. Exclusive Moglomancer Armor released for ALL backers (Most likely with this week's release)
  2. Class Rank Feature is released
  3. Paladin & Necromancer release for all players to earn in DoomWood
  4. Moglomancer Class is designed (probably same time as DoomWood is being completed)
  5. Moglomancer class released early-access for the $120+ Moglin Kickstarter backers as promised
  6. Moglomancer class released for all players to earn.

Moglin Kickstarter

Moglin Kicktarter Story Time!

Last week we sent a VERY LARGE CHECK to the magical tower of moglin spawning. We have been keeping our Moglin Kickstarter Backers updated, but I thought you might enjoy an update too. The process of building an impressive line up of plush Moglins has been awesome. We have learned a lot... like the exact burn rate of a moglin from the safety testing procedures <_<. We also got lucky and have great customs agent. My advice to anyone who has never produced 24,000+ plush Moglins before-- is to work with Stryche and Vesper. They are great problem solvers. Looking forward to shipping out the physical plush Moglins to you (if you backed) in March/April. One of the parts that most people who run Kickstarters do not normally talk about... is the exact handling of the money. We never touched it. That is, when we got the check from Kickstarter, we put it in a special account which said, "No touchy!" The additional funds that came in through BackerKit allows us to place an increasingly larger order or Moglins. Hence the VERY LARGE CHECK mentioned above. A wise move looking forward. We really want to go to conventions with them-- can you imagine a Moglin booth? This first run of Moglins will be a special part of our game communities history.

If you have not pledged to get your Moglins yet, you can still do so and get all of the in-game Moglin rewards on BackerKit.




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