Moglomancer Class For All!

Glisel | Monday, December 23, 2019

The Moglomancer Class is available for all players to earn!

Thank you to the Moglin Kickstarter backers who helped bring this class into the game. It's finally time to share the joy and magic of this class with everyone!

Moglomancer Training

Go to Aria's Pet Shop and talk to Mo G. Lynn, the Moglomancer Trainer. He will send you out into the world to find and help Moglins who will give you some of their magic in return.

Like with other class training, this is a daily quest.

There is also a Guardian only daily quest called Moglomancer Special Training.

Red Moglomancer Armor Set

Once you obtain the class, continue turning in your Moglomancer Class Tokens to build the Red Moglomancer Armor Set. It is themed like Twilly.

Don't forget to take home your own Baby Noda ally from Aria's as well.



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