Moglomancer released for early access

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Moglomancer is a class built around... Moglins O_O

Become a Moglomancer to infuse yourself with the power of Moglin magic. This is a support class that boosts and helps everyone around you by summoning the essence of the Moglins: Twilly, Zorbak, Twig, and Blizzy. Your weapon gains their power. Zorbak does extra weapon damage. Twilly heals. Twig silences your foe and regenerates your mana. The ultimate? Oh yes... you can Moglin punt.

Moglin Punt

How do you get Moglomancer Class?

Moglomancer is a new class that is now in early access for the backers of the Moglin Kickstarter. If you have the badge "I believe in Moglins!" then you will automatically be able to get the class. You get this badge by redeeming the code that comes from backing the project. Side note... all 27,000 Moglins just arrived here at the lab!

Moglomancer Class Skills

It is a really fun class to play, and these new skills are going to add a lot of fun to the game.

  • Zorbak's Bane
    Call upon Zorbak to empower your weapon, dealing heavy damage and strengthening nearby allies. Increases your attack until another Moglin is called.
  • Twilly's Blessing
    Call upon Twilly to heal all nearby allies. Auto-attacks heal allies and drain mana until another Moglin is called.
  • Twig's Seal
    Call upon Twig to enchant your weapon, silencing your target. Auto-attacks regenerate mana until another Moglin is called.
  • Passive: Moglin Reach
    Unlocks at rank 4... increasing the size of all area effect abilities
  • Ultimate: MOGLIN PUNT
    Rear back and pummel a Moglin through your enemies. Don't worry, they enjoy it. The Moglins, not your enemies.

Cross Skill: Blizzy's Blizzard Blitz

Blizzy's Blizzard Blitz is the the Moglomancer's Cross Skill. Summon Blizzy to slow all enemies nearby.  Once unlocked you can equip this on any class. We will be improving the functionality of this spell next week.

When will Moglomancer be available for all player's to earn?

Moglomancer is in early access as promised to the Moglin Kickstarter backers. After the early access period ends, this class will become available for all players to earn. Also, we will add quests so that all players can unlock the full Moglomancer armor set.

COMMENT SECTION: Please leave feedback on the class skills in the comment area below! (Rabblefroth will be reading)





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