Moglomancer Z

Artix Krieger | Friday, February 22, 2019

The Moglomancer Z armor set (Variant)

The Zorbak inspired variant of the Moglomancer armor is now available for qualifying backers of the  Moglins Kickstarter.

Zorbak is 100% Ebil moglin. The shadowy hood included with this armor features his wicked smile and red eyes.

All of the Plush Moglin rewards can be found in the bank.

Our plush Moglins include codes that unlock in-game item rewards. You can see everything you unlocked in the bank. Simply talk to Hootenheim and look in your collections.


Moglomancer Z

Moglin Plush & Moglomancer News

We have been rearranging our "secret underground lab" here in the swamps of Tampa, Florida (USA) in anticipation of boxes containing 15,000-ish Moglins O_O. The Moglins themselves are still in production, but will start their journey to us reasonably soon.

The Moglomancer class was a stretch goal that was unlocked. The class will ultimately be for all players to earn. The backers who made this possible will get early access as promised. There are three armors for the class currently... the Red (Twilly themed) one which will be for all players. The Green (Kickstarter exclusive) one which will be rare-- it was created to match Back Kick the green Moglin which all the backers with the Moglin character page badge received. Also, the blue Moglomancer Z (Zorbak) themed armor for the backers who backed at "just the codes" or above.

You still have time to get your Moglins if you have not already.


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