Mogloween Extended!

Cysero | Monday, November 14, 2016

AQ3D Mogloween Extended.


A lot of you let us know that you weren't done farming yet said that we should give you at least a month to finish the event. We agree so we are extending Mogloween to Tuesday, November 22! 

We will also begin testing the new Level Lock functionality later this week which will limit the Spectral South Wing to level 13+ players. This means that if you're not level 13 but still want the Pumpkin Lord gear before it leaves for a year, you'd better get someone to carry you though the dungeon soon. 


Long ago, in Legends of Lore: AQ3D, we ran a contest for players to design a monster that would show up in game. Granted, this is completely new game but we are honoring old promises and introducing the contest winner, the Acevorah, in its own area. 

AQ3D Acevorah

It will be a very small area with a very short quest chain. It's not a dungeon but an closed area that will have two modes, normal and hard. Normal for around level 8 and hard for level 15. Each mode has craftables and at least one item drop. You WILL need to complete the normal quest chain before you being farming the Hard mode for crafting materials. 

We will also raise the level cap from 15 to 16 and normalixe the 14-15 level curve. If you've earned enough XP to reach the new normalized level 15 then you will instantly be promoted to level 15. All extra XP beyond 15 will probably not roll over. 

Do you guys think we should run another contest like this one so you could get your monster design in the game? 


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