New Mogloween town! Trick-or-Treat

Artix Krieger | Thursday, October 18, 2018


New town added to Mogloween
Time to knock on some doors. The town of Mystcroft has been expanded... and you can now go trick-or-treating at the houses in town. Knock on doors with the skull and cross bones on them. There is chance that you will get caaaaaandy, a trick, or spawn a monster. There is also a rare boss spawn which spawns every 13 minutes. Is that a giant candy pinata? 

Rip Rod Travel form Mogloween

Mogloween 2018 Collection

Features two travel forms, the must see RIP Rod and the Deadly Spider. The theme of this collection is ancient evil... and if yer gonna go "crying home to mummy" you best be doing it with a chainsaw hand XD You can see the whole collection on the talking Cauldron in town.

New Mogloween Items

O_O New earnable items including ghost weapons, pumpkiny witch hats, the 10th anniversary AdventureQuest Worlds "head morph" helms, and more have been added to the new town and the haunted house. We purposely made it VERY easy to get one of the anniversary "head morph" helm-- so do not miss out on it!

The Mayor

Ghost Potions

Well, that is one way to add some spirits to the game. These new potions turn you into a translucent ghost. Different potions turn you into different color ghosts-- and apparently it works on your travel form too!? Find these potions from monster drops, or talk to the mayor of the new Mogloween town to buy them.

See you in Mystcroft!

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