Mogloween is LIVE!

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, October 25, 2016

See the Mogloween trailer!

Watch the Official Mogloween Trailer!

Darkness has fallen upon town of Battleon... The glowing jack-o-lanterns illuminate the way to a newly opened haunted house! Enter... if you dare.

Watch the Mogloween Trailer on Youtube!

New, ghostly monsters have risen... and our first first seasonal gear can be obtained by crafting or questing.

Our first ever release!

This is also... our VERY FIRST EVER AdventureQuest 3D release! I would like to give a hearty round of thanks and applause to AQ3D's team of devs, testers, and mods. It has been only 5 days since OPEN BETA launched-- and these guys are still charging ahead full power. Way to go guys!

Pumpkin Lord

A lot of players were really surprised that PumpkinLord, the most iconic and epic armor set in this release, CANNOT be bought with DragonCrystals. In our previous games, the only way to get our artists masterpieces was strictly with micro-currency. But were are going to try changing it up with this release. Everyone who plays this event can adventure to assemble and craft this awesome set. /BroFist

Thank you!

If you are enjoying this game and are not already a Guardian, please consider upgrading to support our ongoing development. Also, Guardian includes 30 backpack slots and a lot of DragonCrystals.




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