Mogloween 2017 Collection

Artix Krieger | Thursday, October 26, 2017

Transform into a Skeleton?

Do you look in the mirror and wonder... what do I look like under all this skin and muscle? (I'm asking for a friend.) And what if you could transform yourself into a skeleton at will, and could run fast... like 28 days later fast... chasing your friends at horse-like speed while whispering evil cackles to yourself? Perhaps you should grab that 2017 Mogloween Collection in town before it's gone. 

Items in the Moglwoeen 2017 Collection

Talk to that black cauldron, Myx, in town to check out the shop. You can get these items individually, or get the entire set as a collection which includes a rare badge and permanent year-round access so you can re-get the items at any time (Freeing up your inventory space.) 

Included in the Collection

  • Skeleton Travel Form
  • Lil' Skelly Travel Form
  • Trollukstein Warhammer
  • Creeping Curse Wand
  • Back Reactor
  • Trollukstein Head Morph
  • Trollukstein Armor
  • Trollukstein Gloves
  • Trollukstein Boots
  • Dead Head Morph

Collection also includes...

  • Rare Badge for your Character Page
  • Permanent year-round access to the items (Grab them any time for 0 gold)

Save 30% (2,200 DragonCrystals) with the Collection

Getting a collection is a great way to support AdventureQuest 3D's ongoing development and content updates. These collections will be released  scarcely-- except for now at the end of the year where Talk Like a Pirate Day, Mogloween, and Frostvale all sort of slam into each other like a holiday car pile-up. By doing collections, which feature travel forms and cosmetics, we are able to uphold our promise of no "pay to win" while keeping the server lights on. These are completely optional items that collector's will really enjoy. I am really proud of the team for the quality of the items in the collection, and also the ones you get from normal gameplay-- like this year's Pumpkinmancer set (one of the best looking armors yet!)

Improved Classes getting ready to go live!

We submitted our newest version of the game, and when it is approved the new warrior, rogue, mage, and guardian will go live for all AdventureQuest 3D players. The feedback from the public testing realm has been overwhelmingly positive, and cannot wait to see what everyone thinks when it goes live. Battle on!

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