Mogloween 2017 is LIVE!

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Mystcroft Manor

Mogloween has begun!

Enter the haunted Mystcroft Manor... if you dare. <Insert sinister "MWAHAHAHAHA" laughter here> How? Speak with that talking cauldron named Myx in town.


Pumpkinmancer (NEW!)

Ambitious adventurous will quest to unlock all wings of the haunted mansion and craft this year's new seasonal rare set-- Pumpkinmancer! There is also a Pumpkin Scythe and a Shadow variant of the helm.


OK, we seriously need a meme of Myx busting through a wall yelling "OH! NOOO!" This talking black cauldron is always brewing up trouble... evil pumpkin spice flavored trouble. Someone (or thing) placed him in our freshly decorated town. Talk to him to travel to Mystcroft Manor, Camp Gonnagetcha, get the 2017 Mogloween Collector's Edition, and more. 

Mogloween 2017 Collection

Mogloween 2017 Collection

Our 1st ever Mogloween collection features brand new items, armor, and two travel forms-- Skeleton and Lil’ Skelly! Both which run at 130% travel speed. Get the items separately, or get the ENTIRE Mogloween 2017 collection which  includes a rare badge, permanent access to the items which frees up your inventory space, will save you a coffin-load of (30% off = Save 2,200 DCs), and you are directly supporting AQ3D’s ongoing development.

Retweet the Mogloween announcement Tweet for a chance to win

We know that not all of our players can afford the collection, but really want to help the game. So we are creating an opportunity to win 5 (probably more given our track record) Mogloween 2017 Collections for players who help us by retweeting our Mogloween event announcement.  Simply retweet and then comment with your characters name. If you already have the collection, I will give you a piece of pretty rare gear from my "Artix's Friend" armory instead :D This worked out pretty well last time-- and to be extra fair we are getting Vesper (the new girl here at the lab) to randomly select winners.


Happy Mogloween!

Mogloween and the loot you can obtain in it is only available once a year for a limited time... and that time is now. Mystcroft Manor is vastly superior to last year. You will not fall through any *coughs* trap doors. (Last year, we used to fall straight through the map under certain situations) The Haunted Manor is now scaling allowing all players to play together. Furthermore, there is a level 12+ requirement for the higher level challenge wing Which means no level 1 players can wander in and stay there, making it impossible to clear the room. But if you do need to go, you can now leave the house at any time by existing through the red glowly indicators on the floor. The new quest systems will make it very clear where to go. Because we used a new quest chain, everyone will play from the start-- but it does not take very long.

Happy haunting heroes!



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