Mogloween is coming...

Artix Krieger | Monday, October 5, 2020

"The Smell of Pumpkin Spice surrounds you..."

This week, AdventureQuest 3D's haunted October festivities officially begin. Mogloween is our ghoul & ghost filled special game event. The fog will open, revealing a path to the ghastly town of Mystcroft... and all of the haunted house dungeons and horrors within! Here is the schedule and an art sneak peek.


  • Mogloween Returns (This week)
  • Tower of Necromancy (Next week)
  • Mogloween Collection 2020 (Next week)
  • Darkovia Part IV: The Werewolf Conclave (5 new questing areas split into multiple releases)
  • Darkovia Part V: The Blood Moon
Skeletons Suits and Black Cat Costume

Think someone will use suits to do a Karate Kid parody?

Would a new game update be a "Pumpkin Patch" this month?

Yes. O_O 

The biggest updated was on the Mogloween release itself. We had to change all of the areas and dungeons over to our new system. (Thanks Fisn!) Converting everything went smoothly... except for Doctor Trollenstien's Mad Science Lab. It is going to take a week to re-do all the machines that control the buzz saws and lazers. So it will be sealed off. Dagger is working on it, and we should be able to open it up the following week.

WereWolf Mask

Werewolves or Lycans?

I have always personally preferred the term "Werewolf", but many serious Werewolf role-players prefer the term, Lycan. Which stems from the word, Lycanthrope, which is the disease which causes you to transform into a werewolf.

There is a long running war between the werewolves and vampires in the cursed forest known as Darkovia. Previously, we visited a town caught in between their battle. Then, we went on a quest for the Mayor to find his missing children. The daughter was taken by the Vampires. The son was taken by the Werewolves. Your journey through the Vampire Castle revealed twists and a looming prophecy. At long last, we will continue the story of Darkovia... and keep going until we reach it's conclusion under the full Blood Moon. Which side will emerge victorious? What ever happened to that boy? Why is Darkovia in perpetual night? Does this mean we will be neck deep in Vamps and Lycans in Winter? O_O

Pumpkin Bow

"Something wicked this way comes..."

Meanwhile, behind the scenes... we have a few new team members! AdventureQuest 3D has 3 new developers. Two programmers, and a 3D map assembler to improve the quality and speed of our releases. The major features in development include Guilds (Phase 1), Daily Quest system, and a Dungeon Finder system. With the Healer class snuck in there somewhere. Finally, we are going to be focusing adding more items with stats/power and raise the level cap with a "you must be this level to access the dungeon" requirement.

Oh! We have a bug fix coming for that weird issue with the hair on mobile and a few other glitches. How about we change our app icon to the Pumpkin Lord?

Ahhhh. Mogloween is my favorite time of the year.

Are you as excited as I am for the return of Mogloween and the upcoming releases?


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