Here Comes Mogloween!

Glisel | Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Mogloween, our ghost & goblins filled, seasonal event returns!

The pumpkin-spice scented fog has opened a path way to the haunted town of Mystcroft. Everybody is in for a treat. (Maybe a trick.) Head there and get into the spirit of this spook-tacular holiday.

How to get there? Use your travel menu or speak to the creepy stranger who is standing on the bridge in town.

Mystcroft... a mysterious town that only appears once a year

Mystcroft offers all kinds of creepy and spooky entertainment. Door-to-door Trick-or-Treating, a haunted manor, and monsters ready to jump out at you from all sides.

Watch the previous Mogloween video on Youtube

This release also brings back the seasonal events and dungeons such as...

Haunted House

Haunted House

Enter Mystcroft Mannor... if you dare.

Watch the original trailer video for Mystcroft Mannor

Zorbak's G... Raveyard

Zorbak needs your help to deaden things up a little in the Raveyard. It's not entirely clear if he was trying to resurrect the skeletons to make an undead army and accidentally made them into a dance party or if the dancing has some ebil intent, but either way... the result is a bone-rattling dance party!

Plus, you can earn two different Mogloween-themed scytheblades for your trouble.

Previous Mogloween Collections

Miss out on any favorite items? You can now get previous Mogloween collection items you missed out on, such as the Headless Horseman travel form. Talk to whatever strange character happens to appear on the bridge in your home town of Battleon. 

Taco Day Event is Almost Gone!

It was a nice departure from our darker releases... but only have one week left. Head into the Battleon Social District for your last chance to get these tasty taco items from Tito.

Dragon Crystal Sale

You can still get 50% more Dragon Crystals with any package that includes DragonCrystals... including Guardian.

Coming next week! Doctor Trollenstein's Lab

"I can think of 999 reasons why I should kill you-- and 1,000 of them are for science!" Next week, come on down to the lab for a free check up. Who knows, maybe you will survive the "testing."  The team rebuilt the mad science lab so it was compatable with our new system. It will officially be opening next week.


Darkovia : Vampires vs Werewolves

Darkovia saga coming!

The vampire vs werewolf fueled Darkovia saga (parts IV & V) are in the works. If you are not caught up on the storyline, be sure to do so now.

Watch the Darkovia Trailer on Youtube

Coming Soon!

This 2020 Mogloween collection and several gold cost items will be available in a couple weeks. Keep an eye out on Twitter for sneak peaks from the AQ3D artists, like the new pumpkin armor set from Dage.

See you in Mystcroft!

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