Monster Monday: DRAKE

Artix Krieger | Thursday, March 16, 2017

What is a Drake?

Prepare thyself for... DRAMA! Because a simple "Oh, here is a hulking fanged new monster sneaky peek" would leave you without the behind the scenes dev fist fight that broke out over this design. Huh? Yes... AdventureQuest 3D's content creation team was VERY split on what a "Drake" was.

The Drake Fight

Every one agrees that a Drake is a dragon. But most fantasy fans fall solidly into one of three categories over what a Drake is:

  1. Wingless Dragon
  2. Baby Dragon
  3. Rapper, singer, and actor

How are disputes solved at AE?

You probably guess it works like this... Simply follow the steps below.

  • Have a meaningful & polite discussion
  • Debate furiously
  • Hide the bodies.
  • Surviving members agree on final solution
  • Regardless of decision, Artix walks in and overrides it.
  • Artix ALWAYS wins!

Artix Lost.

Owning the video game studio does not mean you always get your way. >_> You must listen to your team and trust in them. Also, Dage throws a mean right hook.  You know... I was soooo close to naming my son Drake. (Other names included Ash, Vash, Asherion, Voltaire, and Megatron20974)  My entire family loved the name Drake. But most of them thought it was after the male duck though. Male ducks are called Drakes. Female ducks are called... ducks. Anyway, growing up,the games and stories I read all referenced drakes as baby or small dragons. I was really surprised to find that anyone who played classic D&D stauchly believed that Drakes where... well, are pretty similar to how they are now officially going to be in AdventureQuest 3D!

Official Dragon Definitions!

  • Dragon = RAWR! You may have fought one of these at the end of Ashfall Part I
  • Elemental Dragon = Elementally aligned Dragon.
  • Dragonling = Baby/Young Dragon
  • Drake = Wingless Dragon
  • Wyvern: Snake like dragon with no feet
  • Great Dragon = Elder Dragon... also known as a Wyrm or Great Wyrm, these massive Dragons are stronger, smarter, wiser, and far more dangerous than regular Dragons.

I <3 Dragon Art

Xero's 3D monster model above is amazing! All 3D models start really high high quality, super high poly count like this. Then we optimize the living heck out of it until we can run 30 of them at a time on your phone. Not sure if Dage, Thyton, or Xero will be doing the texturing on this one.. but cannot wait to see how it turns out!

QUESTION: Prior to this post, what did you think a Drake was?

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