Everyone gets +10 more bank space!

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, March 6, 2019

+10 more spaces were just added to all of your bank vaults!

You just got 10 more spaces per bank vault-- and we upped the max number of bank vaults too. This is exactly why you get to have nice things! ...because players asked for it on  Korin's live stream. 

Thank you to the players who posed for this screenshot moments before this post was made!

About your Bank

2 Free Bank Vaults
The bank in the Town of Battleon is a secure place to store all of your stuff. You will get your first vault for free by simply talking to the imposingly properowl-like manager, Hootenheim. You can get a second free bank vault by completing the Bank's story quests. Each vault now has 40 spaces for you to store your favorite collectables in.

Guardians get bonus space
If you are a Guardian, then you get 50 spaces per vault. (60 for Collector's)

All your collections in one place
You can access all of your collections from the bank. (Before the bank we used to make your Collections available through Melodia at the inn) Collections give  you permanent, year round access, access to items.

The Bank in the Kingdom of Battleon

The exterior of the bank is getting an overhaul in the upcoming, Kindgom of Battleon (A Kingless Kingdom run and protected by heroes). I am pretty sure I am not supposed to be spoiling out sneak peaks of this since it is not finished yet... but <_<  ... >_> .... O_O Oh well. (It's OK, I made it fuzzy!)

Battle on!

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