Get your drank on!

Glisel | Monday, March 30, 2020

NEW! Mutatium Juice Pouch

Only 100 gold! Hop in game and get your Mutatium Juice Pouch from the potion stall in Battleon. Drink at your own peril.

Kick off the 1st day of April with a delicious moglinberry flavored Mutatium Juice Pouch. NOT MADE FROM REAL MOGLINS. (This time.)

Mutatium is getting RAVE Reviews! Just hear what these satisfied customers are saying.

"God! Oh dear God, WHY! WHY!" - Another satisfied customer


"I'd take a selfie... but my arms are too short." - Another satisfied customer

"This is NOT immersive NOR lore friendy!" - 1st time Youtuber Streamer

"I immediately regret this decision." - Anonymoglin

"Oh I remember this stuff from last year.... oh. Did you put that in there? Why would you do that!?" - Player

"You have some serious explaining to do." - Artix's Mom

Happy April Fools

Instead of trying to "getcha" this year...  we are making this April Fools day about fun and good laughs. We could all use some right now :D So catch the Dricken Acolyte walking around Battleon and check out their Feather Shop. All of our previous April Fools items are in there, including...

  • Stickolas Cage in the Matchstickmen (Travel Form)
  • Dricken Claw (Travel Form)
  • Dricken Cage (Travel Form)
  • Retro//VR Goggles (Cosmetic Helm)
  • Dricken Scaled Armor (Cosmetic Armor)
  • Feathered Gauntlets (Cosmetic Gloves)
    and many more!

Try Mutatium for yourself!

What are you waiting for? That Mutatium ain't gonna drank itself!

P.S. Enjoy it... because WE ARE gonna "Getcha" with a vengeance next year XD


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