The Mutatium Results Are In...

Pacific | Thursday, April 4, 2019

Mutatium Effects Have Worn Off

Research on the ever-changing substance known as Mutatium has come to a close. Effects mysteriously began to wear off on Wednesday and a dedicated control group of players reported their findings to us on Twitter.

It was weird... and hilarious...

We received many different reports and field notes detailing the strange bodily effects and comical distortion of not only heroes, but townspeople and shopkeepers as well! We don’t know what exactly brought about this strange substance, only that Cysero bought the ore from Gaz not too long ago. After performing several experiments and tests on the substance, it transformed into a glowing, chalky powder… And then slowly began to affect the players.

Your research has been extremely valuable. We appreciate your field notes and dedication to the Mutatium experiments. A few days ago, we promised that our favorite screenshots would receive something… funny. And nothing's more funny than a bad hair day. We will be inserting 5 bad hair day potions onto each of the winners after the next server restart tomorrow. A bad hair day is a "big" deal. Please use them wisely. (and not to block other players from interacting with things pretty please)

Winners of Screenshot Saturday 12!

  • First Prize goes to… @Mimikyu420 (IGN: Mimikyu420)
  • Second Prize goes to… @painaq3d (IGN: Q U E E N OF P A I N)
  • Third Prize goes to… @wrathofthanatos (IGN: Thanatos Necros)
  • The legit laugh from Artix award goes to... @Aspros_SW for the cover photo!
  • And I used Leun's screenshots for this page, so he's getting 2 potions (1 for each image)

Thanks to everyone who entered and researched Mutatium with us this April Fool’s Day! We posted your screenshots in our AdventureQuest 3D April Fools gallery! If that gallery gets 100 shares, we will add the bad day potion to the random treasure chests.

Last weekend for April Fools items

This weekend is your last chance to get the April Fools items before the shop goes away... not to be seen until you forget all about this and we prank you next year :D

We hope you enjoyed all of the jokes and silliness and, as always thanks for reading! - Pacific


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