Mystcroft Sneak Peek

Artix Krieger | Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Town next to Mystcroft Mannor

Each year, in the pumpkin spice cursed month of October, a fog rolls in... a supernatural fog which for a short time opens the pathway to the haunted houses of Mystcroft.

Yergen left the new Town of Mystcroft map he has been working on unguarded on the dev server. O_O So, I snuck in and took some screenshots for you :D In this shot, you may recognize a familiar sight looming over the oozing green water fountain. The statue was amongst our 1st 3D objects created... but to my knowledge has never appeared in this version of the game before.

Trick or Treat

The street is lined with houses.... but what is inside? You will not find out until you put on your favorite costume armor and go door to door trick-or-treating. 

Later today we are releasing the haunted house, Mystcroft Mannor. Next week, the Vampire Castle in Darkovia will open. Then this Mystcroft expansion will open.

Have you ever gone trick-or-treating in real life? Are you going this year? Do you give out candy at your home? Are you dressing up? If so... what are you dressing up as?

 P.S. This was supposed to be yesterdays design notes post. So double design notes post today!


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