AQ3D Name Plates

Name Plate Preview

Artix Krieger | Friday, January 26, 2018

"HELLO... MY NAME PLATE IS ___________"

Clicking on your name plate brings up your character panel. ...and clicking on it is going to be a lot more awesome once it looks like this! Soon, EVERYONE is getting a name plate art upgrade in AdventureQuest 3D.

All players will be getting the Hero nameplate, Kickstarter Backers will get this awesome nameplate based on the Kickstarter Cape's logo, and if you supported AdventureQuest 3D by becoming a Guardian, the Guardian Dragon will be a part of you name plate. 

Full AdventureQuest 3D Name plates

I love this art and would be proud to wear any of these name plates. This is probably the largest you will ever see them-- so it is cool that we are doing this. Charfade and Dage painted them at at a huge res at 300dpi. Of course, these will look a little different in game-- especially with the health bars and the level circles and party leader crown-- but it gives you a good idea. In the new user interface we are working on, these are the center piece of your character information. 

This Weekend

Following that post I made about Little Wars, a friend saw it and surprised me by bringing a huge collection of 1970's Dungeons and Dragons box sets to the lab. It included the original D&D box set (not the white one, the one right after that one) and all of the 1st edition materials. Some of them were still in the shrink wrap O_O. How much are those worth? The timing was really amazing-- since I am neck deep in world design and that is incredible inspiration. Xero is waiting on the map from me so he can build the new 3D version of the world map based on what he had created for one of our previous game projects. Meanwhile, is launching the new DoomKnight and Nulgath sublimated armor shirts along with two incredible new prints from Notdarkon. 

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