Nature Guardian Tower

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Just released for Guardians!

An old tower was discovered in Heartwood forest. It appears to be the long, lost Nature Guardian Tower. But this place has fallen to an unspeakable tragedy. What happened here? What is inside? Guardians, your quest is to find out...

A Mystery of Dragons and Artifacts

Once upon a time, the elemental Guardian Towers protected the lands. They were a bastion of hope & peace. Every major area of our world was home to one of these legendary towers. Each was said to possess something of incredible power. We can only assume this is what they were "guarding."  Today, only the Guardian Tower in our home town of Battleon remains. The fates and whereabouts of the rest of the towers is completely unknown. Well, "was" unknown... until now.

The Nature Guardian Tower has been discovered!

The 1st of the missing towers has been discovered in Heartwood. It is completely overgrown with plants and moss, but still magically sealed. Only  Guardians can enter to investigate.

Story... Boss Fight... & Challenge!

Solve the mystery and learn the secrets of the Guardians. This adventure's Boss Monster features new skills. Once the solo adventure is complete, return with up to five of your friends for a challenge.

The Armor Set

Quest for and collect the 1st of the elemental Guardian armor sets.

The Guardian Saga

The story of the Guardians is told through the discovery and investigation of the missing Towers. This story runs in parallel to the main world story. You must be a Guardian (or upgrade to become one) in order to enter the Tower.

Become a Guardian

AdventureQuest 3D's main story and regular releases are (and will always be) free.

If you would like bonus rewards, & benefits including gear, a bigger inventory, early access to PvP, a class, more content, and the warm & fuzzy feeling of knowing you are the reason our regular releases are actually possible-- please upgrade and become a Guardian! It is a one-time purchase.  Permanently unlocks Guardian current and future Guardian rewards. Now is the best time to upgrade to Guardian, because we have that sale running which gets you 50% more DragonCrystals-- and yes, that will boost the number of DragonCrystals that comes with your Guardian upgrade.

How? When in game, open up the main menu and go to Upgrades.




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