Necromancer Class - now live for all players to earn!

Artix Krieger | Thursday, March 14, 2019

Necromancer class available for all players to earn!

Visit Stygis and take your first step to becoming a Master of the Undead! Learn how to make your own friends. It's sorta like a healer class for really, really, really late heroes. Sorta.

Necromancer Class

Necromancers are magic users who have mastered control over the forces of life and death. They use their dark powers drain the souls of the living and summon undead servants which obey their every command. Using souls which you harvest upon slaying foes, you can cast the following spells.

  • Default Cast - A ranged attack that pulls out your foes life force feeding your soul count.
  • Soul Siphon - Rip Souls from the target, dealing damage. Deals increased damage and steals Health from enemies recently attacked by summoned minions.
  • Dark Decay - Inflict an enemy with necrotic Decay, dissolving the target's Armor and dealing damage over time. Decay transfers Souls to the Necromancer.
  • Summon Undead - Expend Souls and summon an undead minion to attack your target. Summoned minions do not survive long.
  • (ULTIMATE) Grand Summon - Tap into the true forces of necromancy, summoning a powerful creature with the ability to Taunt groups of enemies.
  • (CROSS-SKILL) Bone Prison - Summon a cage of bone to hold your enemy.


Legion Stallion for Guardians...

A new travel form is dropping in the Arena of Souls. Talk to Vost (that guy in blue) to travel to the Underworld and begin your journey there.

A gift from Dage, the Legion Soulripper

A FREE gift from Dage...

You have only a short while to obtain your skull encrusted, flipped blade, Legion Soulripper. Talk to Vost. He is waiting for you to claim it.

Isle of the Dead scheduled for release next week

In the distance... you can see the Tower of Necromancy. Are you curious as to what secrets wait inside? Necromancers crave the power promised there. Paladins want someone to infiltrate it. Alas... "one does not simply walk into the Tower of Necromancy." (Fewer walk out alive.) Battle on!

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