Emote With a Flourish!

Rellik | Wednesday, January 19, 2022

New emotes and a week of bonus XP!

Greetings! We’re more than halfway through January and getting closer and closer to some very big releases… This week’s release includes a reorganized emotes list, 2 new emotes, and a WEEK LONG XP + CLASS XP BOOST. Please make sure to install version 1.81.0 when it becomes available for you. You may need to relaunch your mobile app store to see the update; thank you. Log in now and level up! 

Joy Emote

If you’re happy and you know it type /joy *CLAP CLAP*. Jump for joy with the new Joy Emote!

Shoulder Weapon emote

Sometimes carrying around a massive weapon can get tiring, why not take a load off and rest it on your shoulder every now and then? Just make sure you don't forget to give it a good flourish first!

A week of bonus XP!

Leveling up can be rough, so we’ve decided to turn on bonus XP AND bonus class XP for a full week! Have fun, and make use of the boost while you can!

A new contest!

Our community has so many talented artists, but what about writers? Flex your creativity with words in our upcoming Writing Contest for a chance to win some Artix Points, redeemable for DC’s. Make sure you follow @AE_Contests on Twitter to find out more!

Coming Soon to AQ3D

Special Guest Event Next Week!
*gulps* Join us next week in AdventureQuest 3D for the most unexpected, dangerous, and weird event in the games history. Our guest is a popular YouTuber who... is probably going to cause us to lose our T for Teen Rating. Player support is already bracing for the angry emails. O_o

See you in-game.

Battle on!
Artix, Glisel, Rellik, and the AQ3D Team

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