New Battle Concert Quests, Crafting, and Ranks!

Artix Krieger | Saturday, November 9, 2019

We added new things to do in the Battle Concert for EVERYONE!

We hope you have been enjoying the Battle Concert! We have just added new things for you. Talk to Allie Syn in the Battle Concert to earn Mosh Pit Fighter ranks which will unlock titles and new items to craft. Also, for the most ambitious heroes in the pit... we have added two new "extreme" craftable items: The Rocker Dravir travel form and Pet of the Ghost of Unsung Songs. 

Talk to Allie Syn in the Battle Concert's Lobby to see and get all of the new quests!

Rocker Dravir and Pet of the Ghost of Unsung Songs

Craftable Pet & Travel Form

Surprise! The Pet of the Ghost of Unsung Songs and Rocker Dravir Travel form are some of the most incredible items that can be unlocked in game. The Travel Form moves at 160% travel speed.

Mosh Pit Fighter Ranks

Wanna prove yourself as a master of the mosh pit? Or better yet, get a title that you display which proves it? Do the Mosh Pit Fighter quests. Once you get to "Mosh Pit Fighter" it will unlock a special badge and title. It will also open up new items that you can craft too.

Play the Alice in Chains Battle Concert

The Alice in Chains Battle Concert is happening now!

It is also happening in both AdventureQuest 3D and our 2D MMORPG, AdventureQuest Worlds. Read the full story and see the trailer!

See you in the pit...

QUESTION: Which is your favorite song from this event?

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