Welcome Home. The New City of Battleon!

Artix Krieger | Thursday, May 9, 2019

Welcome Home... to New Battleon!

The Mages time bubble spell allowed months of building to happen in what was a mere instant to us. Behold, our burning hometown has been rebuilt into an entire city! Login and see for yourself...

The Districts

Town is divided into 4 Districts and one cemetery, in a ring surrounding Guardian Tower. 

Battleon Town Square

The New Battleon Town Square is the main district. In this area you will find the Travel Crystal, Bank, Cysero's Forge, Aria's Petshop, Yulgar's Inn and Bev's Barber Shop. You will also find Prim, the Class Recruiter for quick access to new classes. This area is more-or-less everything that was in old Battleon all in one easy to reach district. 

The Social District is a nice spot to grab some dinner...

The Social District

The Social district is the future home of the Guild Hall, Battleon Real Estate where you will go to buy your own house when we release player housing. There's a stage for another band  to play at (you may or may not find several spots around the band that allow you to dance). We want to make this area a lot of fun to just hang out in and when we have parties or celebrations we hope to dress this area up extra special. 

The Trade District

Next is the Trade district. This is the new home of Brigette and B.U.I.L.D. We plan to eventually make this the home player based gathering skills like fishing, mining, cooking and whatever else we can cook up. We want to have these skills play a very large part in how you play and the things you can craft so they needed their own home. If we ever able to make it a reality, this might even be the home of a player-based auction house (but that's a very big project)

The Scholar District

Next comes the Scholar district. Warlic has his shop in this area. The Class trainers are there now too. This will also be the future home of the New Battleon Museum which you will fill up with your adventures (and might be able to see replays of historical events like the time Vane burned down Battleon), and the future home of the New Battleon Library.

The Cemetery

Finally, there's the cemetery. This place is dead. 

Seriously though, with the undead being so prominent a part of Lore, you can expect shenanigans. 

New Tutorial

As soon as you enter town, you will be swept up into the new tutorial elements that new players will experience. They will be taught about classes, the Quest Board (a new piece of functionality that I'll get into in a minute), How to craft things, Death introduces you to the Portal Runes (plot stuff) and gives you a Travel Crystal Shard. 

The Travel Crystal Shard is a item that each player will receive. It cannot be removed from your inventory but does not take up any inventory space and you can use it from anywhere to return to Battleon. Much simpler than finding then using the nav menu in the settings. 

The Quest Board - Herald Of Hope Set

The Quest Board is the new home for Daily Boss Dungeons, Random Adventures and two new sections Local Jobs and Level Quests.

Local Jobs will help guide you through adventurers in New Battleon. For example, you will receive a quest to help Bev in the Barber Shop and that quest will remain active in New Battleon until you complete Bev's entire quest chain. Once it's done, you can turn it in and it directs you to the Bank, and so on. 

Level quests are new quests to give players something to do. They are divided into levels 1-10, 11-15, 16-20 and 21-25. Whatever level you are, the proper level option will be the last one available to you until you level unto your new bracket. These quests all reward you with LEVEL TOKENS that you can use to slowly craft the HERALD OF HOPE set at Cysero's Forge. BTW, Battle Gem and Daily Boss crafting are both now on Cysero too. 

Once you craft all the cosmetic versions of the Herald of Hope set you can use your Level Tokens and the cosmetic version of this set to craft a LEVEL 27 full set of the Herald of Hope!

LEVEL 27?!

Yeah, we raised the level cap to 27 in this release! 

This Is Just The Beginning! 

There tons of little areas to explore in the new town and we want to fill each one with something cool to do eventually but for the time being we have added a few exploration badges and tiles for you to search for.  See if you can find them all!

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