New Class Ranks Coming

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Which class will you take all the way to rank 100!?

AdventureQuest 3D allows you to collect and switch between classes at any time. Want to stick out from players who just play a class "sometimes"? Now you can become legendary in your class by ranking it all the way up to 100! It happens passively as you battle, the longer you play a class. Along the way, you will unlock pieces of the new legendary class armors and weapons, and unlock the "Legendary" badge for that class once you hit 100!

Legendary Ninja

100 Ranks!?

Yup. These ranks are the solution to the common request of wanting some progression in between releases and level cap raises. There is no more wasting experience when you have reached the current level cap.

As you rank up, you will earn pieces of that class's legendary armor set, including a weapon. Upon reaching rank 100 you gain the "Legendary [Class]" title and "[Class] Rank 100" badge. And, yes, these items are Legendary rarity!

The Breakdown

  • All Classes now rank up to 100
  • You now get bonus rewards for playing your favorite class over a long period of time (this happens passively as you battle, no quests needed)
  • Class tokens are awarded at each rank
  • Legendary Armor Pieces unlock every 5 ranks (from ranks 15 to 50)
  • Legendary Class Title unlocks at 100 (Super long time to get!)
  • Legendary Badge unlocks at 100 (Did we mention this takes a super long time to get?)
  • To keep it fair for casual players, all rewards after rank 10 are cosmetic or for status, not power.
  • Each rank requires more Class experience than the last. (99 to 100 is BRUTAL)
  • This is NOT a single sitting quest! Class rank rewards above 10 are designed to reward you as a dedicated player.
Class Ranks 100

How to Rank up your Class

"Simple Answer... Just play as your favorite class!"

When you fight monsters, you automatically gain class experience for whatever class you are using. It really does reward you for playing your favorite classes over a long period of time. And, let us be honest... equipping that Legendary gear and title will feel REALLY good when you inevitably unlock it. This was not meant to be a burst grind, it is intended to be something that happens passively as you battle over time.

  • Passively: Play your class regularly and be rewarded just for playing the game
  • Actively: Grind out those ranks in-between releases. Replay your favorite areas and use Class XP Boost potions. (We're onto you, end-game players.)

No matter how you do it, be sure to have fun!

When can you start earning your ranks?

Your quest toward becoming a Legendary Ranger, Berserker, Rogue, Mage, Dragonslayer... everything... is coming in the next release. (We have it up for testing on the PTR currently and are making tweaks)

Full previews of ALL legendary sets coming with the official release post.


What is your favorite class? Which one do you think you will hit legendary with this year?


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