New Game Interface!

Glisel | Friday, November 29, 2019

A New Face For Our Interface

Log into AdventureQuest 3D and you will immediately notice something.... different! We got a new User Interface.

New AdventureQuest 3D Character Selection Screen

Player Creation and Log-In Screen

First thing you notice (and we hope you like it!) is the new character creation and selection screens. We did a lot of work to the character creation screens... adding animation & transitions. That being said, this is only the first step in a marathon of game improvements.

New AdventureQuest 3D Menu

Game Menu... Long Live the Scroll!

We have brought back the DragonFable-style scroll menu. Oh, scroll, how I have missed thee. It was a pretty massive under taking to change every menu screen the way the game is setup. So while we were at it, you will notice a bunch of the screens are dramatically improved too!

New AdventureQuest 3D Class UI

Class Screens Now Have Tiers and Difficulty

As I type this, the SoundFX for the Berserker class are being recorded. You now have collapsible tiers for classes, and can tell at a glance the class difficulty. I still need to create new class preview art, but functionally it is a lot nicer.

Important note! We already have a NEW version of the interface that was being worked on after this one was submitted. The new version will fix things like the hard to see legendary colors. If you see anyone concerned about it, you can let them know that the fix is already on the way.

Hey! That is not a new UI screen O_O

Nope. But with all of the new Black Friday items that were just released, I wanted to remind everyone that you still get 50% more DragonCrystals when you purchase any Dragon Crystal package. Just go to the "NEW" menu screen and click Upgrades to see all of the packages.

Also... is now shipping our 2020 Calendars, the Moglins, and new armor shirts.

Order the new 2020 Calendar before the end of Sunday and we will email you a bonus code so you can share the in-game items with a gamer friend, family member, or put it on an alt account. The codes will be emailed Monday. Oh.... want to get this year's Calendar free ($0), Go to HeroMart, add both the new armor shirts to your cart, THEN add the calendar and it will be $0. <3 Black Friday.

Our Battle Concert special event with Alice in Chains ends Saturday at Midnight O_O. Join us for the last shows before it goes perma rare!

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