New Class Armor Sneek Peak

Artix Krieger | Friday, August 3, 2018

Preview of the NEW Warrior, Rogue, and Mage starting armors!

All 3 of AdventureQuest 3D's starting armors are getting an art upgrade. Xero added some custom geometry and Dage & Thyton re-painted them to match the ever-improving quality of the game. In Friday's new release your body armor or robes will automatically be upgraded to the new and improved version.

If you REALLY liked the old worries,  you can get it at the Founder's Sanctuary.

Warrior Class

Warrior Armor Set

Based heavily on the original warrior armor, this new version has the face guard grill modeled out. You will start with the warrior body armor, and will soon be able to unlock rest of the set (including those amazing shoulders) through Warrior quests from the class trainer.

Mage Class

Mage Robe Set

And Cysero said, "Let there be pointy hats!" Inspired heavily on Warlic's mage robes, this new set has the best accessories of three starting classes. The blue robes will be equipped on new mages who start the game.... the rest of the set including a pointy wizard hat, shoulder wrap, and belt satchel will be available sometime soon from the Mage class trainer. (For those of you who prefer their Mages with Hoods-- we will have some of those coming too.)

Rogue Class

Rogue Leather Set

You may have read that we are working on making Rogues dual wield daggers by default. For ease of "stabby stabby" Rogues wear flexible leather armor. Thyton did a great job texturing stylish and dark. Players who equip Rogue will have the leather body suit by default. Additional pieces of the Rogue set will be unlocked by the upcoming Rogue trainer.

Class Trainers and the Training Hall

In the background, we are working on a large restructing of town to meet the needs of AdventureQuest 3D's World Plot. One of the high priority areas is the training hall. In the training hall you will be able to learn, rank up, and unlock items for all of the classes you acquire. One of the things that makes your hero unique, is that you can learn and switch between any class you unlock. Furthermore, you have the freedom to choose what weapon you wield and what armors, robes, weird-stuff you wear while fighting. The freedom to freely change class, weapon, and style is one of the core principles of AdventureQuest 3D-- it makes it special and uniquely you.

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