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Artix Krieger | Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Bar Fight's my favorite new Random Adventure

Sure, with the game jam going on, we could have just said "no release this week." ... *dramatic pause*... hahahaha, us? Never! This week the AdventureQuest 3D team released a new game client along with new random adventures & new items to craft at Cysero's forge.

One of the adventures is a brawl in Yulgar's Inn. Technically, if you wait long enough they will punch each other to death. Looking forward to doing this with PvP soon (because that is the feature getting laser focus next)

Pictured above: "Someone got too much holiday joy."

We have a few orphaned maps... like the keep from the original intro. Glad we could put them back into the mix.

Thank you again to everyone on Twitter who sent in screenshots for today's post :D I could use some help crediting the authors with their in-game names if you wan to post them below in the comments.

Is it even possible to get on this rafter? How do you do this O_O?

Check Cysero's shop to see the new items added to "Adventure Crafting"

You can run random adventures by going to the travel crystal. The monsters in there will drop BattleGems which you can use to craft stuff at Cysero's forge.

What did you think of the adventure where we packed the monsters together tighter? Zhoom promised me some new live event tools which will let us try out some interesting combat scenarios together.

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