Earn New Titles!

Artix Krieger | Friday, March 16, 2018

Get rewarded for exploring all those strange places!

In this week's release we added tons of new titles & badges.... you can earn and unlock them by exploring strange places, battling challenge boss fights, and more!

Boss Challenge Titles

These titles can be unlocked from finding or fighting special boss monsters. The names should help you figure out which ones give the titles.

  • Brutal Bro
  • Frogzard Hunter
  • So Shelfish
  • Terrorized
  • Dreadly Serious
  • The Unburned
  • Winged It
  • Kaiju Killer

Exploration Titles

These titles can be earned by finding secret Exploration Scrolls around the world. When you go off the beaten path... or climb over it... a secret scroll may suddenly reveal itself. Walk over it to unlock a new Badge & Title! (Exploration Achievement Unlocked!) The names may help give clues on where to look.

  • River Stone
  • Death's Hand
  • Spelunker
  • Freeclimber
  • NecroKnighted
  • Infernal Tourist
  • Tavern Patron
  • Dimwitted
  • Master of the Tower (Guardian only)


These badges/titles come from supporting the game or participating in our ongoing releases. There are a lot more than the ones listed, but I am keeping this list to the ones that are currently available.

  • Open Beta Hero (Everyone will be getting this when we leave the current dev phase)
  • Founder
  • Guardian
  • Dragon Guardian


Many things form our online shop, www.HeroMart.com, will now unlock titles & badges in AdventureQuest 3D. We are going to try to do a little database magic to retroactively give you badges for things you have already redeemed in game. This will probably happen by the end of next week. So if you see a bunch of new titles suddenly appear on your account, you will know why!

More Titles Coming

Good hunting in finding the new in-game titles! With each release we will be adding more... rewarding the bold and brave explorers who search every nook and cranny of a new area. I suspect that not all future titles will be announced. Also... sneak peak video of Shaman area stuff that is in development. Battle on!









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