Happy New Year! Get your 2020 Badge & Frost Siege

Glisel | Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Happy New Year!

"We joked that you should get a badge for making it through 2021. Nobody is laughing now.... Come get it!"

Hindsight being 2020.... hop in AdventureQuest 3D and obtain your well earned badge, cape, and other presents. Then head to the door in the social district and protect the town from the Frost Summoner's Horde!

It is time to bring in the New Year. BATTLE ON!

The Hindsight is 2020 Cape & items!

Leave the flaming wreckage of 2020 behind you... both figuratively, and literally. It is an epic cape earned only by triumphantly defying the year 2020.This rare collector's cape is free, and lit (literally).

Get your "I made it through 2020 badge"

I (Artix) am waiting for you on the bridge in town! It is my honor to bestow upon you the a badge for making it through the craziness of 2020. Heroes can only be created during difficult times. They may see us struggle... but they will never see us quit. In addition to New Year's Eve, it is also my birthday. So I got you a few extra bonus things that you might like.

Return of the Frost Siege

Protect Battleon from the Frost Summoner's Horde, and prepare for New Year's Eve chaos as Artix and the dev team join the game for live events to ring in 2021.

Defend the Town

Build catapults, siege walls, and battle against invaders from the frozen north. Earn and use Defenders Medals to buy extra help rewards.

*If this is your first time playing the frost siege war, check out the full details here in the original design notes, Frost Siege War.

New Items! Snowflake Axe & Shield

These exquisite Snowflake Mace and Shield weapons (created by Darkon) are new drops in the Frost Siege. These have a reasonable chance of dropping from the Siege Extreme Ice Dragon and the Siege Frost Warlord. You won't see this monster until the last waves of the war, so hang in there and you just might get it.

Frostval 2020 Collection

There is still time to get our 2020 Frostal collection. And our Get 50% bonus DragonCrystals with any purchase special offer is still available!

New Year's Eve Live Events

We wish you a Happy New Year! Join the devs and Artix in AdventureQuest 3D on New Year's Eve for random, anything goes live events. We will be spawning monsters, telling stories, and spawning treasure chests to bring in the New Year. See www.AQ3D.com for an updated schedule of events.

See you in game

Battle on!
Artix and the AdvetureQuest 3D Team

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