Thyton & the Ninja Class coming tomorrow

Artix Krieger | Thursday, February 7, 2019

Experience today's new AdventureQuest 3D release... tomorrow!

We ran into a show stopping hiccup with the cutscene and map for the new release. So the Ninja Class and the all new adventure featuring Ninja Trainer Thyton and his band of other-worldly monster hunters will be dropping early tomorrow.

The buzz of this release has been extremely positive since it was announced that the content would be permanent, and the craftable items are gold (not DCs). The header above is based on the villains from Thyton, the Ninja Trainer's story. Tomorrow's release will be the first part of a story which we will expand each year on real-life artist Thyton's birthday.

Meanwhile... our OTHER ninja friend, Reko, just dropped his Ninja Warrior video on Youtube. Making a post for you now so you can watch it!




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