The Nommo Set

Cysero | Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Player Named Set

Last week, we asked you if you'd like to suggest some names for the new armor that Dage created for the 2019 Summer Collection. You didn't let us down. 

A lot of names were offered. Some were very good (Regalia of Raging Currents)... Some were GREAT (The New Wave set including: A Smock of Seagulls, Rock the Sash-Brah, Sandals of Swing... i died), but There was one that hit the perfect balance of badass and punny. 

A player named HANANOKA suggested the Nommo set. The Nommo were a kind of sea-dwelling ancestor spirit or god of the Dogon people of the modern day country of Mali. They are supposed to appear like mer-people who can live on land or in water and are sometimes called the Master of the Deep. We took the story of the Nommo and ran with it, using the armor to tell a story of a Nommo who had taken full land-dwelling form. it also gave us a chance to make jokes like No Mo' Scales, No Mo' Fins. No Mo' Fishy Smell. 

Hananoka was awarded an Emperor's Chest for their winning entry and as a bonus we gave them a complete set of the armor that they named. 

You can find the Nommo set in the Summer Collection 2019 which is available in game NOW from Annette in Battleon or on Potine Less isle. 

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions. The names were all so great that we will have to do this again and soon! 


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