Nulgath - Art sneak peek!

Artix Krieger | Monday, April 18, 2022

Art from the Red Forest

I hope you are excited about this week's Earth Day trove. Meanwhile, Dage has been hard at work on monsters and items from our upcoming multi-part Nulgath saga. As I write this, the team is a a review meeting to see if we are on schedule to release part 1 of the Nulgath saga next week. My gut says we need just a little more time. How about a little show & tell? We have two pieces to show off today.

Selleden Creature

Creatures of Selleden - the Red Forest

Our new adventure begins in a beautifully haunted forest of floating red spirits. Exploring it will uncover a few strange creatures including this horrifying carnivoring. Should you survive the forest, you may discover the village of Selleden. The people who live there are... well.... you will see.

The Unnamed Blade

These well statted blades are amongst the ultimate prizes from completing part 1. There will be both duel dagger and sword version of this item. When I said unnamed, that is not its name... we literally have not this item yet. If you are a long time fan of the AdventureQuest games and Nulgath lore, feel free to suggest some name ideas! You can post suggestions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or post it on the Discord for Clarion to see. Moving forward, Clarion (Who put together the story & quests for Westmere, Fidget Spinnar, Lucky Day, & Grenwog) will be acting as our teams official liaison getting feedback from players and aggressively taking it to the team. Things like... making sure our focus shifts off of PvP and onto more story content, classes, and progression gameplay. If you see him on discord, be sure to give him a hearty welcome to his new role.

OK... I am supposed to be paying attention in this meeting. O_O Talk to you again soon.

Battle on!

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