The Nulgath Saga Finale is Here!

Glisel | Thursday, November 30, 2023

The Finale Begins

In this epic finale of the Nulgath Saga, delve deep into the Shadow Dungeon to retrieve the missing piece of Dage’s soul to make him whole and team up in combat against Nulgath, the Archfiend! You can also now increase your max level to 45 and earn new capstones and infusion runes

Seek out Oblivion in Battleon or go to your Adventure Menu to begin the epic conclusion of the Nulgath Saga! Complete the saga, collect and craft dozens of new weapons and armor sets, and team up with friends in the Challenge dungeon.

The Final Piece

Find a way to get back the final piece of Dage’s soul so that he can become whole in the Oversoul.
The Shadow Dungeon seems like a good place to start…

An Epic Showdown

With Dage back to his powerful self, the two of you can reach Nulgath’s Throne and defeat Nulgath once and for all!

… Or, if once is not enough, you can defeat him over and over again with friends in the Challenge version of the fight!

Quest Pets

When you have finished the story, continue enjoying the saga with these quest pets! These pets have exclusive side-quests and rewards attached to them. Visit Oblivion in Battleon after completing the saga to get yours! 


Fun Extras

Capstones and Infused Fiendish Runes
When you exceed the new level cap of 45 you can earn more Capstones and NEW Infused Fiendish Runes for more end-game gear. Talk to Maximus in Battleon, near Cysero’s Forge, to start crafting the Corrupt Lionfang Paladin armor set!

Thyton is visiting Battleon! 
Find him in Yulgar’s Inn to shop his items, play his story - the Westemere saga, and learn to fight like a Ninja. 

Last Chance!

  • Bank Vault and Bank Pet discounts EXTENDED to end around December 6th, 2023.
  • Mogloween Collection, seasonal shops, and activities will leave AQ3D around December 6th, 2023
  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday seasonal shops and activities will leave AQ3D around December 20th, 2023.
  • Thyton leaves Battleon around the end of December, 2023.
  • And FYI, Dottie, the ArchCounselor of Camp Gonnagetcha, has left Battleon until next Friday the 13th!

Thank you and… Next!

Frostval is on the way! Our December promo item and Battleon will be Frostval themed! Plus, look forward to the return of the Frostvale dungeons and Frost Summoner’s siege.

See you in game and…

Battle On!
Glisel and the AQ3D team

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