Nulgath Saga Part III: Into the Oversoul

Glisel | Thursday, March 23, 2023

Previously in the Nulgath Saga…

You joined Victor Lionfang and his paladins in raiding the Red Monastery to collect and assemble the pieces of the Shattered Sword. You achieved success but at the expense of the lives (and souls?) of your allies. Victor Lionfang became a Fiendish version of himself by the power of the entity speaking to him through the amulet which is the heart of the Shattered Sword, now known as the Oblivion Blade. Dage agreed to join you in your attempt to defeat the possessed Lionfang, but he and his Fiendish paladins escaped.

Continue the epic saga…

Seek out the fiend who was behind the corruption of Victor Lionfang and his paladins... Nulgath the Archfiend. With Dage the Evil at your side, enter the portal to the Oversoul.

Dage the Evil

Dage is the Lord of the Underworld, leader of the Undead Legion, and a person who has intimate knowledge of the Archfiend called Nulgath. How can you fail with such a powerful ally?


Seary has offered to be your guide through the massive Oversoul to find Nulgath. You can't trust her, but you can't do this without her.

Are You Ready to Begin?

If you’re starting in Battleon, Aurielle the Fiendstress will take you to Dage when you “Continue the Nulgath Saga” and earn experience to level up to the new level cap of 44. Talk to Dage in the Wastelands to learn more about the Oblivion Blade and the being that speaks through it...Nulgath. If you need to gear up a bit, at the base of the stairs where Dage is standing, Paladins Ryker and Everett are ready to help you out with level 38 gear. Use your Paladin Class Tokens or Lionfang Favor to purchase the items in the Lionfang Paladin armor set.

Last Chance

  • Lucky Day event content now leaves March 29th, 2023

Thank you and… Next!

April is coming up fast, which means April Fools Day! Some previous April Foolery will be returning but we also have something deliciously fun cooking.

See you in game and…
Battle On!

Friday morning PS: We hope everyone is enjoying the new update! We saw a few questions from players on the official Discord about the new items and bonus quest mentioned at the end of this week's Nulgath Saga, Part III. 

Those are planned for the next content update, ETA early-ish April. The team is making sure they're all ready and good to go.

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Dage the Evil

Undead Legion Ruler


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