Nulgath 3 Fixes and Updates

Glisel | Wednesday, May 3, 2023

A few fixes have been done to the Phoenix Blade of Nulgath II farming experience and Skew’s Guidance quests to assist players during their questing. Additionally, a few balance changes and fixes have been introduced with last week’s and this week’s releases. Read on the see what's changed.

Skew’s Guidance/Phoenix Blade of Nulgath Part I:

Skew’s Guidance questline and the Phoenix Blade of Nulgath Part I questline has been streamlined a bit, to help players avoid getting lost while progressing through it.

The following changes have been made:

Skew’s Guidance has been converted into an auto accept Questline. You are no longer capable of abandoning or not accepting the next step in the Questline.

Skew’s guidance quest progression is now always accessible from the Skew NPC no matter what step you are on the questline.

Thok’s and Sir Fainal’s NPCss now show up regardless of your progression on the Phoenix Blade of Nulgath Part I questline progression. However, if you have not completed Skew’s Guidance questline they will offer no services and will redirect you back to Skew in order to complete Skew’s Guidance questline.

Phoenix Blade of Nulgath NPC is no longer tied to completion of Skew’s Guidance. It is now tied to having obtained the Phoenix Blade of Nulgath weapon. You are required to have Phoenix Blade of Nulgath I (stat version) in your inventory to see the special NPC.

The moment you sacrifice your Phoenix Blade of Nulgath I stat version for Phoenix Blade of Nulgath II, the static Phoenix Blade of Nulgath NPC in the wastelands will disappear. This is intended. It will re-appear again if you obtain a Phoenix Blade of Nulgath I again and keep it in your inventory in case you accidentally deleted/sold/softlocked yourself by getting rid of your Phoenix Blade of Nulgath I weapon

Phoenix Allies are now also visible by all players regardless of progression in Skew’s Guidance questline.
Additionally, Phoenix Allies NPC have been buffed to aid players struggling fighting off the Titanic Errant Voids.

Thok’s dismissive dialogue will now properly disappear once you have completed Skew’s guidance questline.


Titant/OverSoul Errant Void fixes:

Titant and Oversoul Hex Voids spells have been fully replaced by a new set of spells that will no longer 1 shot players with inaccurate telegraphs.

Titanic and Errant Voids now do not regenerate their HP if everyone in combat with them dies. This also means any amount of damage previous players have done to the Voids will remain regardless of the number of players in combat.

While Hunting Voids of Nulgath in the Oversoul, you are now able to teleport to your friends. Also, more players are able to join the OverSoul through Friend Codes and gotos (instance based, not direct teleport).

OverSoul’s Errant Cruel VoidKnight spawn-rate has been increased. This will hopefully help alleviate Abaddon's Runes farming, however, this is only for minor Abaddon's runes. Major Abaddon's Runes difficulty remains intact.

Additionally, teleportation to Overglut (instance based, not direct teleport) has been enabled on that map to allow parties to farm Soul Gems together

An effort has been made to convert certain Nulgath resources into token items in an attempt to help alleviate inventory management. However, it was intended for most of these items to take up inventory slots. Items with a 1-way only trade way or miscellaneous materials for crafting have been converted into tokens. Regular materials with multiple trading methods and uses will remain as inventory slots items.

The following items have been turned into tokens, and selling them for gold is no longer an option:

  • Tattered Contracts of Nulgath (Unique x4)
  • Thok's Approval
  • Lionfang's Favor
  • Minor Abaddon's Rune
  • Fiend Dragonkind Blood
  • Nation Void Scrap


Quest Pet updates:

Phoenix Runes quests from both Sir Fainal and Skew NPCs have been added into a new category on Tainted Phoenix Blade of Nulgath Quest pet. This will hopefully solidify this Quest Pet as the specialist Quest Pet for Phoenix Runes on the go.

Perfect Tainted Phoenix Runes quest have been moved inside the Phoenix Runes Quests category.

New trade quest on Skew has been introduced. “Diamond Shards: Diamond transmutation” has been added to both Skew and Skew Quest Pet. This quest allows the trade of x1 Diamond of Nulgath for x100 Diamond Shards, to facilitate the free use of Diamonds Shards.


Balance and miscellaneous changes:

  • Diamond Shards max stack has been increased from x100 to x150
  • Soul Gems have been limited to x1000 max, singular stack.
  • Sell value has been added to Abaddon’s Runes.
  • Sell value has been added to Soul Gems
  • Sell value has been added to Perfect Tainted Phoenix Runes
  • Lionfang’s Favor max stack has been reduced from x100 to x50
  • Dark Crystal Shards: Diamond Transmutation – Dark Crystal Shards reward increased from x5 to x9 & Diamond Shards reward increased from x25 to x50
  • Dark Crystal Shards: A Tainted Deal – Dark Crystal Shards reward increased from x10 to x15.
  • Dark Crystal Shards: Fiend Hunting – Dark Crystal Shards reward increased from x1 to x3.
  • Dark Crystal Shards: Tainted Diamond Shard – Diamond Shards needed reduced from x25 to x11.

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