Happy New Year!

Glisel | Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Festive Artix is passing out New Year's Gifts!

Receive your New Year's gift from Festive Artix in Battleon or Yulgar's Inn and learn about the New Year's Eve live events coming up!

Our Gift to You

This is our gift to you! Festive Artix is handing out Holiday Presents in Battleon and Yulgar’s Inn. Everyone gets the new Golden Frost Pike weapon, and Guardians also get the Gold Frost Dragon Pike. You can also collect gifts from previous years!

New Year’s Eve Live Events

Join us on New Years Eve, Dec 31st, for three anything-goes mini-live events. Fair warning, these hour-ish long unscripted events will be full of chaos & chests with live event coins.

#1 Starts at 10am EST
#2 Starts at 6pm EST
#3 Starts at 11pm EST


Get the 2024 Artix Entertainment Poster Calendar

Is it a calendar? Is it a poster? It’s both!

Get our 2024 Poster Calendar to track the days of the year, and then flip it over in 2025 to have a cool poster to display! This year’s calendar features the Artix Zombies print and is currently available for Pre-Order on HeroMart.com. Calendars ship from HeroMart in early January and come with item codes for AdventureQuest 3D and AdventureQuest Worlds.


Last Chance!

December Promo Item gets replaced around January 1st, 2024.

Starting in January 2024, you can only get the promo item if you make a purchase from the Upgrade Shop while that item is available. Purchases made in January before the January item is available will not get the item.

  • Thyton and Beleen will leave Battleon around January 3, 2024.
  • Frostval Collection, Gift’thulu, and related seasonal activities will leave around the end of January, 2024

Thank you and… Next!

January is almost here! Don’t forget to log in on New Year’s Eve to catch Artix’s Live Events, and then next week we’ll have our first promo item of 2024! If you missed any of the regular promo items of 2023, you’ll have a limited time to purchase these items from Gaz in Battleon and then they are Legacy, gone for good.

Happy New Year and…
Battle On!


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