Artix Krieger | Tuesday, January 23, 2018

o_o... o_O ... O_O

This is A DESIGN NOTES*...

>_< ... -_- ... ^_^

Some of us** remember...

>_> ... <_< ... U_U

Pepperidge Farm Remembers***.



* Ironically, this design notes, about design notes, is the least design notes design notes noted. Please make a note of that.

** "One of us! One of us!"

*** But who remembers Pepperirdge Farm's old commercials?

***** A new 1st! In the entire history of Asterisks, no actual Asterisk has ever gotten an Asterisk. Take a good look at that Asterisk. It is special. It is not like the others. It has a dream. It will overcome all obstacles. It is never going to quit. Right there... that is your asterisk. Look at it and give it one of those proud nods. Know that if you every need that little fella, he will be right here waiting for you. Think of this asterisk every now and then. Perhaps, by the will of the fates... you will be encounter this asterisk again. 




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