ANNOUNCEMENT! Open Beta Launch in October

Artix Krieger | Saturday, September 10, 2016

Open Beta starts in October

AdventureQuest 3D will be available on STEAM (PC/Mac), Android and Apple iOS for all players with the start of OPEN BETA in October! We are incredibly excited to be launching AdventureQuest Worlds in October... which is tradition! It is the same month that we launched both of the previous AdventureQuests (is it OK that I made that plural?) -- The original AdventureQuest AND AdventureQuest Worlds.

With this release we will open up Shatterskull Tower, quickly followed by the Mogloween Haunted House, and then the Volcanic Dragon Lair.

Gaming News Site Interviews = Early Access Steam Keys

Does October seem to far away? NEED Early Access? ...then good news! We are doing interviews with popular gaming news websites starting Thursday of next week. We will be giving these sites early access codes for them to give away on their websites when the articles go live :D If you liked the capes, then you might like some of the other special requests we got for this next upcoming batch too!

Launch Party! October Celebration

This October is going to be legendary. There will be celebrations throughout our video game network... and I think there is still time to take this to an entirely new level. Here is where you come in. What can we do to make this absolutely unforgettable? This is our first ever 3D game launch. What could we do that would be thinking outside the box to make this something people talk about until the end of time?



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