Creepin’ it real: top things to do in October

Glisel | Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Looking to have a gourd time? We’ve got a guide to all the spook-tacular things to do in AQ3D for Friday the 13th and Mogloween!

The nights are getting longer. The weather’s getting cooler. The leaves are changing color. And the smell of pumpkin spice lattes fills the air.

This can only mean one thing: it’s October, and it’s the spookiest time of the year!

We just celebrated Friday the 13th last week in Ravenspire, but did you know we’ve got other spooky shenanigans happening in Camp Gonnagetcha,Mysterious Johnson’s House of Oddities, and Mogloween coming too? Do you know everything you can do during Friday the 13th and Mogloween?

…erm, do you know what Mogloween even is? 😱

Fear not, for we’ve got a guide to everything happening for Friday the 13th and Mogloween! But before we begin:

What is Mogloween?

Mogloween is a beloved and time-honored tradition dating back to 2003 from the original AdventureQuest. Mogloween – the oh-so-clever combination of “Moglin” and “Halloween” – transforms the realms of Lore across all Artix games into spooky spectacles, with players all over the world eagerly awaiting the annual celebration.

Candy, ghosts, ghouls, pumpkins, plenty of puns, and killer costumes are just a few of the things that make this holiday one of the best in Artix history! Mogloween is celebrated in each of our games in its own unique way, so be sure to keep a pulse on to see what other games are doing to celebrate the spooky season.

Oh and of course there are plenty of seasonal goodies perfect for boils and ghouls everywhere! AQ3D’s new Mogloween collection releases this week, and next week is an extra special spooky event release 🤫

This week, more updates to our newest Friday the 13th release will bring about the final upgrade to the ShadowReaper of Doom! Until that fateful time comes, here’s all the things you can do right now in our other Friday the 13th festivities!

Friday the 13th

Spend the Night at Camp Gonnagetcha

You’re in for a killer time at Camp Gonnagetcha! Every Friday the 13th, Dottie the High ArchCounselor, opens the camp’s gates to take in new campers for a few weeks. Do you like bonding with friends over ghost stories and gathering by the fire to outsmart homicidal maniacs? Then Camp Gonnagetcha is right for you.

On the campus you will have ghostly encounters and be terrorized by increasingly terrifying forms of the camp urban legend, Shrade. Catch a glimpse of what to expect with this Release Trailer for Shrade-O.

On the lake surrounding the camp is what looks like a crashed spaceship?! Dare to explore its secrets and try to survive the horrors that await you? Watch this Release Trailer to see if you are ready to take on Shrade-X.

When Shrade has been defeated, perhaps you’d like to rest for the night in your bunk. Well, too bad. No one sleeps for long at Camp Gonnagetcha because a frightful foe called Fleshette stalks your dreams. Will you stop this nightmare from becoming a reality?

Seek adventure in the House of Oddities

In the Social District of Battleon, there is an odd shop with the image of a large eyeball as its signage. This is the House of Oddities and its owner is Mysterious Johnson. As its name suggests, inside of this shop are various strange trinkets and knick-knacks which hold mesmerizing histories.

Talk to Mysterious Johnson to ask about his wares and even take home an oddity or two. Care to have a Trolluk Head as your own, or perhaps to wield Dual Fortune Cookies? At the House of Oddities, anything is possible.

However, some of his most prized items are not for sale. Instead, you can experience the origins of these objects yourself whenever you like; and it seems like there is always an additional item every Friday the 13th.

An Odd Snow Globe containing a cabin in the middle of the woods. The cabin itself is emitting an eerie green glow. And the snow… doesn’t quite seem like snow at all… There is something evil inside and it wants to come out. Will you enter the globe?

A Transdimensional Crystal hums and pulses with a strange energy. You can just barely see something moving within, obscured by a dense fog. Warlic, the potion maker, seems particularly interested in this item. Perhaps he knows more than he is willing to tell Mysterious Johnson about it. Do you dare to learn it’s, and maybe Warlic’s, secrets?

A Unique Guitar sits in the corner of the shop, seemingly out of place. It’s the most… normal item in this House of Oddities. When you take a closer look, you can smell the ocean… and death. Hey, look! It also has musician Aurelio Voltaire’s signature on it! How did this end up here?

NEW! An oversized axe rests propped up against the back wall. As you approach, you are filled with dread and dark voices fill your mind. A certificate of authentication sits next to the axe and claims it was recovered from Ravenspire. Coincidentally, you’ve been invited to Ravenspire’s Moon Festival as the guest of honor. Perhaps you should go check it out.

Amongst these oddities is a large table that looks like it’s set to host a seance. Madame Astra sits patiently, ready to tell you your fortune.


Trick-or-Treat in Mystcroft Town

Get your candy bucket for a night of Trick or Treating in the residential side of Mystcroft. Go door-to-door and see if you get a Trick or a Treat. If you can’t eat all of the candy by yourself, Andy Corn, the candy enthusiast, will trade your candy for some fun items instead!

You can also go fishing in Mystcroft Town’s fountain. Andy Corn will take any Pumpkin Puffers you catch as well.

Dr Trollenstein’s Lab

Behind the fountain is a tall, cylindrical, metal building. This is Dr Trollenstein’s Lab. He is responsible for many of the abominations you see around Mystcroft. Take care not to enter his lab unless you are quick on your feet and have even quicker attack skills. Dr Trollenstein is called a mad scientist for a very good reason.

Mogloween Trove

Are you on a mission to collect every Mogloween item dropped, crafted, and fished? Well, now you can keep track of all of those items and access them whenever you want with the Mogloween Trove. Completing the trove also earns you a special UwU Pumpkin Pet for your hard work. Myx in Battleon on the bridge and Mayor McPumpkins in Mystcroft Town by the fountain will hold onto your collected items until your trove is complete.

Visit Mystcroft Manor

Every October, the walls between our dimension and the Terror Dimension are thin enough for people and creatures to cross through. Mystcroft is one of those thin spots. However, the barrier is not thin enough for the most powerful Terror and ruler of the Terror Dimension, Hallows Eve, to cross. And you have to make sure it stays that way. Talk to Myx in Mystcroft Manor to find out how to keep her out and make Mystcroft a safe(er) place for both sides to celebrate Mogloween.

Zorbak’s (G)Raveyard

To the right of Dr Trollenstein’s lab is the Mystcroft Gate to the Graveyard of Unrest. Here you will find a celebration of the dead at Zorbak’s (G)Raveyard with colorful flashing lights and dancing skeletons. Party with the undead and drop a Daft Pumpkin or two to make some Raveyard Crafts with Zorbak.

Join the Masquerade of the Macabre in Battleon’s Cemetery

The Masquerade of the Macabre is an elegant ball of monstrous nobles and their honored guests. As we wear costumes of monsters, at this party, the monsters wear masks to disguise themselves as humans. The stories of your time here will certainly revolve around your contributions to the dance floor and... dinner. The cemetery is open all year long and the Masquerade is sure to be bewitching! Watch the Release Trailer for the Masquerade of the Macabre to see for yourself.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure!

Mogloween in Artix Entertainment games is more than just a spooky spectacle; it's a cherished part of gaming history! The combination of captivating stories, seasonal content, and a sense of community makes Mogloween a unique and engaging experience for all our players. Thank you so much for being part of our adventure!

So, as the virtual moon rises and the haunting harmonies fill your headphones, dive into the wonderful world of Mogloween, confront the fiends and make some friends along the way, and enjoy the magic of Mystcroft!

What adventures and secrets will this year's newest Moglowen release unveil? Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain: the spirit of Mogloween will continue to cast its magical spell on AQ3D and all Artix games for years to come!

Mogloween on!
Glisel, Beleen, and the AQ3D team

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