Beat the Ogreman!

Artix Krieger | Friday, March 23, 2018

"Me Ogreman, me smash gud!"

Beware! Blue ogres have been spotted wreaking havok in the town of Battleon. Join us for this weekend's special community mini-event with featuring cat ears, ogre items (including a consumable that transforms you into a blue ogre), and more!

Beat the Ogreman

Can you beat Ogreman?

Townsfolk have reported that Ogreman and some his blue ogre buddies are on the rampage near the pet shop. They attack suddenly without warning. They are incredibly tough... and if you somehow survive-- they drop some incredibly sweet loot! Ogre Foot - single use Blue Ogre (Travel form)

  • Blue Cat Ears
  • Gray Cat Ears
  • Ogreman’s Crunchinator (Lvl 6)
  • Ogreman’s Blue Cleaver (Lvl 6)
  • Blue Leather Armor (Lvl 10)

NOTE: Special GameOgre branded versions of some of these items are available for participating in the GameOgre forums. Anyone who previously had ”Ogreman’s Smashinator” should be delighted to find it has automatically been upgraded to the new branded version with the blue logo. For a little bonus backstory on this event, check out the video.

Cat Ears

Cat Ears “Battle Meow-n!"

Want cat ears for your hero? You can now use the gems you get from doing random adventures to craft different color ears at Cysero’s forge.

Also, during this weekend’s event blue and gray cat ears will also be dropping off the blue ogres.


New Akriloth Craft Recipes

We have been reading your messages! Having a hard time getting those super rare drops off the toughest version of the Akriloth Fire Dragon boss fight? You can now, alternatively, craft them on Senna. So if you are really, really, really, really unlucky.... you can still ultimately get the item your fiery heart most desires.

Bank Collections

Your Collections now available at the Bank!

You can now access all of your collections at the bank. Hootenhiem thinks this is a lot safer than keeping them in Melodia’s closet at the Inn… which is really funny if you think about it.

Class Balancing

Class Balancing... no, this is good news!

Normally I get scared when I hear the word “balancing” from game devs.

  • Mages now do a little more damage
  • DragonSlayers now do more damage to Dragons
  • Guardian skills now require less mana

Thank you & Shaman Area Coming Next!

"Is it a Kickstarter only area? No! It is for everyone. A Kickstarter actually backer paid us to make this next release for you. Seriously."

The next major AdventureQuest 3D release is the Tree of Life-- and based on what I have seen from the story, art, characters, new feature, and loot it is really going to surprise you. Originally scheduled for this week, we pushed it back so we had the extra time to finish it right. So, this weekend, we hope you enjoy the special release! Time to fight some ogres and get cat ears….

Battle on!
Artix & the AdventureQuest 3D Team

P.S. There is also a secret /join GameOgre map if you are looking for a real challenge.
We have been reading the "click loot bag" issues and will prioritize the fix for this.  The good news is the same items drop on the blue ogres  in town. So, if you cannot get the loot from the special map-- just head to town to do battle.

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