There can be ONI one!

Glisel | Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Dage's Oni Syndicate

Open the Chest Shop for a chance to start collecting Dage’s new Oni Syndicate set. Dress the part of one of Lore’s toughest crews and defend your turf against anyone who dares to defy the Oni Syndicate. Make your foes tremble at your appearance with one of four distinct Oni masks, one of which may look very familiar to longtime AE players. If you’re lucky, you might get Legendary Oni Syndicate items, each flowing with Oni energy. In addition to the Oni Syndicate set, you can also find the elegant and scholarly Lunar Wizard set there!

Cysero's Forge Update

Get your head in the clouds (or in the mountains?) and prepare for a showdown with the armor sets of rival factions Red Cloud and Blue Brass from Cysero’s Adventure Crafting shop.

Face each daily boss, and avoid falling down laughing so you can craft the new Arcane Jester set at Cysero’s Daily Boss Crafting shop!

Float Like a Butterfly

Get your nets ready, ‘cause it’s time for Winnie’s Changeling Butterfly Wing crafting! Combine all eight butterfly wings to create a marvellous color-changing set of wings at her Tailor Shop in Battleon.

Where to find the wings?

Treasure Chests -
Legendary Wings: Oberon's (red), Titania's (pink), Peaseblossom's (purple)
Epic Wings: Moth's (yellow), Diana's (blue), Puck's (orange)

Adventure Crafting (Adventure Items II) -
Rare Wing: Mustardseed Butterfly Wing (green)

Daily Boss Crafting (Daily Boss Rewards II) -
Rare Wing: Cobweb Butterfly Wing (grey)


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